2015 CrossFit Games Athlete Nicole Holcomb Has Surgery to Repair Herniated Disc

Nicole Holcomb has surgery to repair herniated disc
via Instagram (@812crossfitnicole)

On Friday, Nicole Holcomb had surgery to repair a herniated disc on her L4/L5. It appears the surgery was successful and she is already starting physical therapy today.

Nicole Holcomb finished 15th at the 2015 CrossFit Games. Holcomb failed to qualify for the Games this year finishing 9th in the Central Regional.

Just a tiny jelly donut that lost it’s jelly.😝 This was a pretty gnarly L4/L5 disc herniation that was putting a lot of pressure on my nerves causing numbness, restriction and some stabbing pain down both legs. After yesterday’s discectomy, I immediately feel better! Rehab started right away with lots of walking…4x800m yesterday and 6x800m today. Thank you everyone for the beautiful flowers, well wishes, and swinging by to take me on my daily walks! 🚶….🐕#onestepatatime👣

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