2016 CrossFit Team Series Beginning in September

2016 CrossFit Open
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With the 2016 CrossFit Games in the rear view mirror, it’s now time to focus our attention on the CrossFit Team Series. The 4-member team (2 men & 2 women) competition will again be a 2-part series with workouts to be completed over the course of a week from September 6-12 and October 4-10.

Teams do not have to workout together or even live in the same state or country. The only requirement is that the Team Series events be completed together. Many sponsored “super teams” have been formed over the past two competitions with Ben Smith, Emily Bridgers, Stacie Tovar and Paul Tremblay (Scott Panchik was on the team in 2014) winning both Team Series competitions over the past two years.

There will be an Open division for all ages, Teenagers (14-17) and a Masters division for athletes over 40 years of age. Additionally, Rx’d and scaled workouts will be available so that everyone can participate regardless of strength or skill.

Registration costs $80 for teams except those who are sponsored. Sponsored teams will cost $500 to register. The team captain can register for the Team Series at Games.CrossFit.com beginning August 16.

Prizes for the winners have not yet been announced.

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