35-39 Masters Watch: One Week To Go

Sam Briggs at 2015 CrossFit Games
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No one really considers Sam Briggs a Masters athlete, especially when she sets the best score in the world on 17.4 with 330 reps. Briggs has now won two Open workouts in the Open division, placed 2nd in one and showed her one “weakness” with heavy squat snatches in 17.3 (she still finished 178th in the world – not bad for a weakness). Briggs is 12th in the world in the Open division and 1st in the Masters Women 35-39 division.

On the men’s side, Kyle Kasperbauer has worked his way to the top of the leaderboard. Kasperbauer has competed at the CrossFit Games three times as an individual with his most recent appearance in 2014. While the new masters division talk leading up to the Open focused on Neal Maddox, Mikko Salo and Chris Spealler, Kasperbauer is crushing it.

We’ve been following CrossFit Games veterans who are now competing in the masters division. Take a look below to see who is in contention to advance to the Online Qualifier (top 200).

Masters Men (35-39)

  • Kyle Kasperbauer (1st)
  • Neal Maddox (7th)
  • Guido Trinidad (10th)
  • Jeremy Kinnick (15th)
  • David Levey (19th)
  • Blair Morrison (23rd)
  • Chris Spealler (33rd)
  • Gabe Subry (38th)
  • Noah Pester (66th)
  • Armand McCormick (70th)
  • Jeff Germond (80th)
  • Patrick Burke (84th)
  • Mikko Salo (DNF – did not submit 17.2)
  • Chad Mackay (DNF – did not submit 17.3)

Masters Women (35-39)

  • Sam Briggs (1st)
  • Rebecca Voigt (3rd)
  • Tiffany Hendrickson (7th)
  • Amy Dracup (10th)
  • Denae Brown (13th)
  • Kristan Clever (23rd)
  • Candace Hester (28th)
  • Talayna Fortunato (29th)
  • Val Voboril (32nd)
  • Lisa Shiu (60th)
  • Jen Labaw (93rd)
  • Emily (Carothers) Sherwood (95th)
  • Heather Welsh (97th)
  • Leah Polaski (2,709th)
  • Tanya Wagner (DNF)

Leah Polaski was in 70th place heading into 17.4, but she only completed 12 deadlifts on 17.4. We are unsure what happened, but it appears it may be an injury.

Tanya Wagner, 2009 CrossFit Games champion, did not post a score on 17.4.

The 17.5 Open Announcement is at 8pm ET / 5pm PT tonight. Follow our live blog for updates and commentary on all the action.

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