The new 35-39 Masters Division has generated quite a lot of excitement since Dave Castro announced it back in November. The thought of some big names from years’ past making it back to the CrossFit Games is exciting.

Here are the CrossFit Games veterans that are in the hunt to advance to the top 200 online qualifier after 17.1.

Masters Men (35-39)

  • Mikko Salo (9th)
  • Neal Maddox (14th)
  • Kyle Kasperbauer (19th)
  • Blair Morrison (27th)
  • Jeremy Kinnick (30th)
  • Armand McCormick (31st)
  • Patrick Burke (68th)
  • Gabe Subry (81st)
  • Guido Trinidad (84th)
  • Chris Spealler (101st)
  • Chad Mackay (217th)
  • Noah Pester (223rd)

Masters Women (35-39)

  • Sam Briggs (1st)
  • Becca Voigt (4th)
  • Tiffany Hendrickson (11th)
  • Tanya Wagner (30th)
  • Amy Dracup (31st)
  • Denae Brown (47th)
  • Kristin Clever (51st)
  • Leah Polaski (76th)
  • Jen Labaw (90th)
  • Candace Hester (92nd)
  • Talayna Fortunato (96th)
  • Val Voboril (99th)
  • Lisa Shiu (157th)

For a complete list of every CrossFit Games veteran since 2007, check out our men’s and women’s pages.

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