Andrea Ager is Engaged

Andrea Ager and Pete Montalvo are engaged, via Instagram (@ager_bomb)
Andrea Ager and Pete Montalvo are engaged, via Instagram (@ager_bomb)

Andrea Ager burst onto the CrossFit scene in 2011 as a member of Brick CrossFit’s CrossFit Games team and after an article by CrossFit HQ calling her “SoCal’s Dark Horse” Ager became a household name in the CrossFit community.

The 2017 CrossFit Open was the first year Ager’s name wasn’t on the Games leaderboard. Deciding to focus on her AgerBomb seminars and taking some time to recover from the craziness of last year’s CrossFit Games run on Team Dynamix, Ager elected to sit this year out.

But Ager’s schedule just got a little busier after this past weekend. Ager and her boyfriend, Pete Montalvo, are now engaged. So rather than preparing for the CrossFit Games this year, Ager will be planning her wedding.

This morning I woke up with an engagement ring on. I’ve been trying to reflect on what it means to officially commit a lifetime with someone. I am…. ‘someone’s fiancé’…. the word itself is so delicate and fitting. The truth is, when I was a junior in high school, we were asked to make a goal and then a 5-year plan of steps to achieve that goal. I joked around with my classmates and made the whole project about getting married and being a wife in 5 years. I even made steps that were kind of silly…. but was able to pull it off. Behind it all, I knew I truly valued marriage even at 17, and looked forward to the process of finding “the one.” . A decade and then some later – here I am, over-whelmed and feeling what I ultimately wanted… which was to feel chosen. I feel special, and loved, but can’t help to think of the broken road that lead me to today. When you love as hard as I do, you have to guard your heart; if not, you could be left in a wake of “not the ones.” I finally started trusting God with the dating process that I resented because it’s not always glamorous. I started praying for my husband (whoever that might be) and had to examine myself and adjust in many areas. As I grew in my faith I was challenged to grow into the kind of woman that would attract the man I was describing as my respectable, caring and God-fearing “dream man.” . And I’m not here to tell you that *wooooh* I found him, he was hiding but *hey guys* I found him. I’m here to be a witness, and say he has a similar story. We’re both far from perfect people, and make mistakes with each other constantly but we are both on the same mission in life. Don’t wait for the perfect man, he’s not out there. Don’t wait for the perfect date or the perfect pick-up line or glorify the “ideal relationship.” Maybe I was trying to marry so I could feel fulfilled or make myself happy. BUT GOD IS PERFECT SO WE DON’T HAVE TO BE. Following Jesus has changed everything about my life and I’m so thankful so I could get out of the cycle and find value. . Finding TRUE FREEDOM has allowed me to see clearly, and has made me feel chosen with or without an engagement ring. . . 💍 .

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