[Warning: The video above contains footage of the injury. Watch at your own risk.]

By now you’ve probably seen (or read about because you couldn’t bear to watch) video Julia Glotz’s broken arm resulting from a missed rep during Wodapalooza’s 6RM Bear Complex workout. If not, check it out.

We’ve just found out about another injury stemming from the Bear Complex online qualifier. Lawrence Jacobs suffered a similar injury at the same point in the workout as Glotz. On Jacobs’ last “rep”, the bar slid off his shoulders from the back rack position. Jacobs suffered two sprained elbows and possibly a torn ligament.

Jacobs said that his main goal when lifting is to remain safe and stay healthy. He indicated that he knew the workout was risky, but that pushing the boundaries is what we do. Jacobs is unsure that he will ever do an online competition or qualifier again.

If you know of any other injuries resulting from the Wodapalooza Bear Complex, let us know in the comments or email us at info@thebarbellspin.com.


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