AWOD – 6/28/17

Alyssa Ritchey. @alyssaritchey1/Instagram
Alyssa Ritchey. @alyssaritchey1/Instagram

Sometimes you have to slow things down and work on some accessories. Take a day off from the Rogue Echo Gym Timer and try some weighted pull-ups and strict toes-to-bar.

For those not familiar with the 2011 CrossFit Games, one of the events was a 1RM Chest-to-Bar Pull-up for max load. First place in that event was 60 pounds, completed by five women.

Ritchey, while not chest-to-bar, just did 30 reps at 40 pounds in one session. And for people to think that women can’t do pull-ups…

Via Alyssa Ritchey:
30 Weighted Pull-ups (you pick the weight, Ritchey used 40 pounds)
4 sets of 10 strict toes-to-bar

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