AWOD – 7/14/17

Emily Bridgers attempting 190lb snatch PR. @emilybridgers/Instagram
Emily Bridgers attempting 190lb snatch PR. @emilybridgers/Instagram

Here’s a fun AWOD you can try today. It’s a little different than the standard AMRAP or For Time workout. To score, it will take a bit of strategy…

Via Emily Bridgers:
20-minute AMRAP:
400m Run
1 Snatch (must increase load after each round)
*Score is Total Weight of Successful Lifts
**One attempt per round. You miss – you run. You hit – you run!

“Failure is not the opposite of success… it is part of success.” 190# – I’ll have you soon! Fun workout today: 20 minute AMRAP 400m run 1 Snatch *Increase load after each round *Score= total load in pounds *1 attempt per round. You miss- you run. You hit- you run! #chooseyouradventure #noliftersnoproblem Snatches felt great so went for these PR attempts immediately following!

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