AWOD – 7/18/17

Jordan Cook doing a Row/Back Squat AWOD. @jcrossfitcook/Instagram
Jordan Cook doing a Row/Back Squat AWOD. @jcrossfitcook/Instagram

Jordan Cook, Corey Lunney and Chandler Smith just qualified for the Team of 3 division for the Granite Games. Lunney is coming off a pec injury he sustained at the East Regional and Smith is back after losing part of his finger during a freak military accident that happened during the first week of the Open.

So today’s AWOD is brought to you by the third member of that team, Jordan Cook. Programmed by Misfit Athletics, this workout will crush your lower body with the combo of rowing and back squats.

Via Jordan Cook:
40/32 cal Row
20 Back Squats* (205/135)
30/24 cal Row
15 Back Squats*
20/16 cal Row
10 Back Squats*
*from the floor (but be safe getting it to the back rack)

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