AWOD – 7/7/17

Alexandra LaChance working on some deadlifts. @nopantslachance/Instagram
Alexandra LaChance working on some deadlifts. @nopantslachance/Instagram

It’s a heavy day today. Load up the barbell and pick it up! The AWOD is via Alexandra LaChance and it features heavy deadlifts followed by max effort deadlifts. Awaken those hammies and glutes!

Via Alexandra LaChance:
Build to a heavy 5RM Deadlift
2 sets of Max Effort Deadlifts at 60% of today’s 5RM

Today was exciting. I got to build to a heavy 5 rep Deadlift, and then take 60 percent of that and complete 2 max effort sets. It was exciting not because the weight on the bar, but because today was the first day I have ever been able to activate my hamstrings during a conventional Deadlift, my feet weren’t crooked in my set up (which has been unavoidable for the past few years until today), and I felt both legs working equally for each rep. The second I felt my left leg stop working, I ended my “max” set. Progress is exciting! So thankful to @steficohen for helping me strengthen my back and balance out my body! ❤️ ⚡️Shorts by @fleoshorts ⚡️Belt by @2poodperformance ⚡️ @hybridperformancemethod 101 #NoPantsLaChance 🚫👖 #FindYourHappy 😎 #ZeviaLife 🍹 #TeamOutlaw 🏋🏽‍♀️

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