Ben Smith Upping His YouTube Presence

Over the past week, Ben Smith has upped his presence on YouTube. From changing his visible name from “cbsmit1234” to “Ben”, it appears that Smith is looking to increase his exposure on the video platform.

Prior to four days ago, the last video posted on Smith’s channel was his CrossFit Open workout from 16.2. He likely only posted that video because he had the best time/score worldwide and had to share to have his score validated by CrossFit HQ.

Smith has always been fairly quiet on social media, but this may be a direct attempt to share more with the CrossFit community. Rich Froning and his CF Project Mayhem channel generate significant interest and the same will likely occur with videos uploaded by Smith. The videos, like Froning’s, are simple videos, not overproduced, that provide a glimpse into what these athletes are doing from time to time.

Here are the four videos from this week.

Let’s just hope Smith continues to share these workouts on YouTube!

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