Breaking Down Regional Event 1

CrossFit Regional Event 1 Demo screencap
CrossFit Regional Event 1 Demo screencap

Ok, now that we have the individual events for the 2017 CrossFit Regionals, it is time to break down the workouts and predict what we might see on the competition floor. We’ll also look at where the event will be won or lost.

Event 1

Run 1,200 meters (presumably on the TrueForm or the new AirRunner)
12 rounds of:
4 Handstand Push-ups (strict)
8 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
12 Air Squats
*Wearing 5.11 Tactical Weight Vest

We have analyzed the Full Event demo and have broken it down below to find out where this workout will be won or lost.

Before we breakdown the rounds and movements by seconds, let’s just look at how this event is constructed. The run is a run, not much there. But on the 12 rounds, there are three transitions each round for a total of 36 transitions.

Of those transitions, 24 of them will require the athlete moving a substantial distance (12 from pull-ups to air squats and 12 from air squats to handstand push-ups). The transition from handstand push-ups to pull-ups will likely be minimal. Significant time will be accumulated on the transitions.

So let’s take a look at the time breakdown of the Full Event demo.

Round Time
(in seconds)
Run Buy-In 390
Round 1 51
Round 2 53
Round 3 55
Round 4 58
Round 5 58
Round 6 63
Round 7 63
Round 8 65
Round 9 64
Round 10 64
Round 11 66
Round 12 52


The demo athlete finished the run in 6:20 and then took another 10 seconds to go under the HSPU wall and get set up. Expect most of the athletes to finish the run around the 6:00 mark, maybe a little under. Saving a few seconds on the run won’t win the event, but it could set you up to bonk during the later rounds.

Once the athlete was into the 12 rounds, each round took between 51 and 66 seconds with almost all of the variance attributable to the transition times.

The HSPUs took 6-7 seconds each round.

The CTB Pull-ups took 9-10 seconds each round.

The Air Squats took 17-20 seconds each round.

Transition time went from 17 seconds in Round 1 to 31 seconds in Round 11. The distance between the pull-up rig and air squat station increases with each round. Each time the chess piece was moved to the next station, an extra second was added to the transition time each way.

Round Work Time
(in seconds)
Transition Time
(in seconds)
Run Buy-In 380 10
Round 1 34 17
Round 2 35 18
Round 3 36 19
Round 4 35 23
Round 5 36 22
Round 6 36 27
Round 7 37 26
Round 8 37 28
Round 9 35 29
Round 10 37 29
Round 11 34 31
Round 12 32 20
Total Time 804 299


As you can see, of the 1,103 total seconds of the demo athlete’s time, 27% was spent on transitions. If you exclude the run and just look at the 12 rounds, 41% of the time was spent on transitions.

There might be a second here or there on the actual work elements, but considerable time can be made on the transitions. Running or jogging on the transitions versus running will be the difference here.

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