Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Training Around Surgically Repaired Shoulder

It’s been two weeks since Camille Leblanc-Bazinet had surgery to repair a torn labrum, but that doesn’t mean that she’s been taking time off from training. Leblanc-Bazinet did shoulder work to help strengthen her shoulder before surgery and has now transitioned to doing what she can while she allows her shoulder to heal.

Over the weekend, Leblanc-Bazinet pulled a sled one mile to start her day.

Little mile sled pull to start the day! #workhard #beproud #nothingcanstopusnow @davefreakinlipson

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And then yesterday she was on the leg press machine cranking out SIX! plates for 50 reps!!! As her husband said in the caption, “So what? Champions find a way.”

And while she is working on her lower body strength, Camille is beginning to rehab her shoulder. She still has a few weeks before she can begin going overhead…


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