Check Out This Alternative Regional Leaderboard

With the change to look and feel of the website, the Games section also experienced some changes. One of those changes is the look and feel of the leaderboard. The legacy leaderboard is still available for prior years, but the new format is only available for this year’s results.

One of the quirks with this year’s leaderboard is that to see the number of points an athlete or team scored in an event, you have to click a plus sign to expand a row. That row takes up a lot of space on a desktop and even more on a phone.

Wodfollow and BEL Scoring have teamed up to create an alternative leaderboard to track regional results. To see the number of points for a particular athlete and event, just tap the appropriate square. The results for the first two weekends’ results are also available. We haven’t seen how quickly the leaderboard refreshes [Update: Wodfollow told us that their leaderboard will update as fast as the Games site.], but if it updates as quickly as the official Games leaderboard, this might be a great alternative this weekend.

Check out the “Better Games Leaderboard” here.

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