CrossFit Affiliates Can Now Compete in the CrossFit Division of the Ragnar Relay

Grab 11 of your friends at your CrossFit affiliate and sign up for the new CrossFit Division of the Ragnar Relay. CrossFit partnered with the Ragnar Relay to provide an official division for CrossFit affiliates to compete against each other at the 38 events spanning across the United States, Canada and United Kingdom in 2018.

Also a partner with Reebok, the Ragnar Relay is a long-distance running relay that spans over two days and one night and is located along some really amazing places. There’s a race in Napa Valley, Niagara, Hawaii, the Northwest Passage, and many more.

Those competing in the CrossFit division will also receive some really cool perks. The teams will receive a dedicated start time, special experiences at the start and finish lines and the teams will compete for a limited edition 80-pound kettlebell trophy.

“We are thrilled to work with CrossFit’s passionate community,” said Chris Infurchia, CEO of Ragnar Relay. “The two organizations’ shared focus on fitness and team building made us incredibly excited about the partnership potential.”

Some affiliates have already participated in the Ragnar Relay in the past, including CrossFit Invictus. Now with an official division, we could see more of a focus on more endurance-based events in the CrossFit community.

Members of an affiliate can sign up for the dedicated CrossFit division at

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