David Marin has been tapped by CrossFit, Inc. to be the company’s first lobbyist. CrossFit, Inc. filed the LD-1 Lobbying Disclosure Form on November 24.

Marrin, a Principal at the Podesta Group, will lobby on “oversight of conflict of interest rules and regulations related to academic research funded by government agencies.”

It isn’t completely clear exactly what CrossFit has in mind or what prompted the move, but it may have something to do with CrossFit’s battle with the ACSM, NSCA and USREP push to promote licensure of trainers.

Marin has been a Principal at the Podesta Group since 2008. He has served as chief aide, legistlative director, press secretary and speechwriter for former Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA). Marin is also a pretty good golfer with a USGA Index of 2.6. The more important question, though, is, “how big is his back squat”?

The Podesta Group was founded by John and Tony Podesta in 1988. The firm is currently run by Tony as John has served as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and most recently served as chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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