CrossFit Pushing Facebook Live for Team Series

CrossFit is continuing its involvement with Facebook Live. CrossFit aired the events at the Ranch and the Ocean Swim exclusively on Facebook Live. The community had mixed reactions to the decision to only show the events on the platform.

For the Team Series, CrossFit is asking teams to use Facebook Live to broadcast their performances. In addition, teams can message the CrossFit Games Facebook account to have their broadcast “echoed” on the Games’ Facebook page.

It’s very likely that the Pro teams (Rogue Red and Black, Reebok Reunited) will be broadcasting their events via Facebook Live. So take the time now to sign up for notifications from the CrossFit Games Facebook page in order to not miss out.

Also, look for the hashtag #TeamSeriesLive on Facebook for other teams using the platform while they knock out the events.

The first set of workouts will be released on Tuesday, September 6.

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