The youngest of the three Smith brothers, Dane, sits atop the Mid Atlantic region leaderboard ahead of brothers Ben and Alec. The three brothers took the top three spots on 17.2 in their region. All three brothers currently sit in the top 20 right now.

Dane finished 17.1 in 10:42, good for 3rd in the region and he followed it up with a 1st place finish beating his brother, Ben, on the tie-breaker.

Ben started off slow, relatively speaking, on 17.1 by finishing in 33rd in the region. His 2nd place finish in 17.2 vaulted him back up to 10th. Alec started further behind Ben on 17.1 in 47th place, but a 3rd place finish on 17.2 has moved him back into the top 20.

The Smiths aren’t the only trio of brothers trying to make regionals together. Scott, Saxon and Spencer Panchik are gunning for three regional spots to the Central Regional. Scott, however, is the only brother in the top 20 after two weeks. Saxon sits in 21st while Spencer is in 36th.

Last year, the brothers ZA Anderson, Alex Anderson and Jacob Anderson made it to regionals, but all in different regions. Alex and Jacob are back in 2017, but ZA is not competing.

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