Dave Castro Talks Froning/Fraser, Games Programming and More on Reddit AMA

Dave Castro jumped on Reddit’s CrossFit page Thursday night to answer questions from the Reddit community. The AMA (short for Ask Me Anything) explored a wide range of topics from Froning vs Fraser to programming for the Games and much more.

In one of the probably more interesting answers, at least in terms of current topics being debated, Castro said that he thinks Froning beats Fraser, if both were in their prime.

In a separate question thread, Castro talks about Froning going team. “If I had my way, he [Froning] would have never left the individual competition and over the course of the past few years we would have witnessed epic battles between he and Fraser,” Castro commented. He then added, “But I don’t have my way.”

Some of the Q&A focused around the Games programming. On being asked about the Assault Banger’s being dragged, Castro responded, “good question, not happy about it.”

Castro also said that he was happy with Madison and the Alliant Energy Center venue, but that there were some things that he and his team need to do better. “The things I was not pleased with included internal things, related to our team and stuff we/I did wrong.” Castro continued, “But the venue, the city everything was great. Very happy with Madison and how it turned out.”

As for the 2018 Regionals format, Castro didn’t give anything away, “Still in development, can’t give too much away now on this topic.”

Castro said that the book he keeps hinting at on social media will cover everything that goes into programming the 2017 CrossFit Games.

All in all, Castro was pretty open in regards to answering questions from the Reddit community. He steered away from some controversial topics such as the Black Box Summit and what happened between CrossFit and Greg Everett and Robb Wolf.

You can read the entire Reddit thread here.


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