And with one Instagram post, we now have our first hint of the 2018 CrossFit Regionals. Dave Castro warned the athletes this afternoon that both individuals and teams will face a handstand walk obstacle course.

In the 22-second video clip, Lexi Beal is shown handstand walking up a foam ramp and then down four steps. The object appears to have been manufacturer by American Athletic, Inc., which make training tools for gymnasts.

Following the announcement, athletes were quick to hit Instagram and share how they were training for the obstacle course.

I see you @thedavecastro #regionalsprep #CENTRAL #crossfitgames #homegym #HWPO

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The obstacle course is not a complete surprise, however, as Castro hinted back during last year’s CrossFit Invitational that we might see more of it in the future. And that future is now.

But now we just have to wait a little bit longer until we find out how Castro plans to integrate this into Regionals weekend. Stay tuned!

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