Dave ‘Freakin’ Lipson Finds His Groove on Instagram!

Dave Lipson screencap of recent video on Instagram (@davefreakinlipson).
Dave Lipson screencap of recent video on Instagram (@davefreakinlipson).

For those who have been around CrossFit back in the early days you likely know all about Dave Lipson. For the rest of you, you may only know him as Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s husband.

If that’s all you know about him, here’s a quick overview…

Dave Lipson was doing #SquatEveryday before there was a hashtag devoted to it. Lipson squatted at least 450 pounds every day for an entire year to raise money and awareness for a friend of his, Amanda Miller, who lost her life to cancer. Lipson documented this journey on his blog, 365 Days of Squatting.

Back in 2010 and 2011, Lipson was one of the big, well-known names in CrossFit. His larger than life personality was perfect for CrossFit media and helped him stand out among the other elite athletes. This was very evident in what many believe to be CrossFit’s best video content, the CrossFit Tahoe Throwdown.

CrossFit, along with equipment suppliers Rogue Fitness and Again Faster, brought the top CrossFit athletes out to Tahoe to do a fun exhibition event following the 2010 CrossFit Games. Lipson was on Rogue Fitness’ team and was the alpha male of the group. This is also when Lipson and Leblanc-Bazinet likely began dating.

If you’ve never watched the Tahoe Throwdown, watch it now…

Three years later, Lipson would marry Leblanc-Bazinet.

After the wedding, Lipson took a backseat on his athletic career to support his wife’s goal of making the podium. While Lipson was around from time to time, he was not in the spotlight like he had been before.

That is until March 20, the day Lipson posted his first photo on Instagram. Lipson started off slowly with a photo here and there…

And now this is happening @camillelbaz #gremlins #neverfeedaftermidnight

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In desperate need of a tan. 70 degrees out with snow on the ground at 8000 feet. Love our home!

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But over the past few weeks, Lipson has found his groove on the social media platform and reminds us of the Dave Lipson of old…a little crazy and a whole lot of awesome. From a little bit crazy to actually helpful, Lipson has taken his Instagram profile to the next level and is really fun to follow.

Take a look at some of his recent posts and see for yourself…#marriagecounseling101

#gettingit! @camillelbaz @crossfitgames

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I’ll let you guys put a title on this. @camillelbaz @crossfitgames #marriagecounseling101

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If you don’t follow @davefreakinlipson on Instagram, do it now and you won’t regret it!


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