Davidsdottir or Sigmundsdottir? Who Will Win 17.5 Open Announcement?

Sara Sigmundsdottir during 2016 Open
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It’s another battle of the ‘dottirs. We saw Katrin Davidsdottir and Sara Sigmundsdottir go head-to-head during the 16.4 Open Announcement when Sigmundsdottir walked away with the win. The two are back for the final Open announcement in Madison, Wisconsin, at the new home of the CrossFit Games.

We went back to 2015 and compared the Open workout scores of Davidsdottir and Sigmundsdottir. While Sigmundsdottir holds the advantage, the two have been very close on almost every workout; 17.5 will likely be no different.

  Davidsdottir Sigmundsdottir
15.1 222 reps 222 reps
15.1a 220 pounds 231 pounds
15.2 335 reps 334 reps
15.3 474 reps 526 reps
15.4 143 reps 165 reps
15.5 7:26 6:55
16.1  345 reps 325 reps
16.2  430 reps 430 reps
16.3  120 reps 130 reps
16.4  282 reps 316 reps
16.5  8:24 8:26
17.1  11:18 10:15
17.2  221 reps 218 reps
17.3  18:08 18:03
17.4 301 reps 328 reps

After 15 scored Open events since 15.1, Sigmundsdottir has had the better score 9 times while Davidsdottir has only walked away with 4 head-to-head victories. Twice, 15.1 & 16.2, the athletes have tied each other.

If we just look at 15.5 and 16.5, both workouts with thrusters and likely to be somewhat similar to what we will see tonight, it’s a split decision 1-1.

While this match-up tonight doesn’t really matter (both athletes are going to qualify for Regionals), neither will want to lose with the workout televised around the world. It should be a fun one to watch…and a painful one to do.

Who do you think will win tonight?

Follow the action on our live blog as we cover everything 17.5 from now through tonight’s Open announcement and workout.

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