Don’t Have ESPN? Watch the CrossFit Games on Sling TV

CrossFit just released its broadcast schedule for the 2016 CrossFit Games. For those in the United States, a cable or satellite subscription with ESPN is required to watch the individual competition. The teen, masters and team competitions will be streamed via YouTube, similar to the regional events. International fans will be able to watch all divisions via YouTube.

So what are you supposed to do if you are one of the cord-cutters who doesn’t subscribe to cable or satellite?

The best solution we have found is to sign up for Sling TV. But before you click and register, it may be worth your time to wait until the week of the Games to sign up. Sling TV has historically given a 7-day FREE trial period for new subscribers. So wait until Monday or Tuesday of the Games and sign up. Then set a reminder to cancel…and you’ve just now watched the CrossFit Games at no charge!

If you’ve already been a subscriber (we were last year), it’s only $20/month for 20+ channels, including ESPN and access to the WatchESPN app.

Of course, red all-access tickets are still on sale (as of this article) so you just go watch in person. That might be a little more expensive though.

Here is a handy broadcast guide for the Games:

  • Teen & Masters Competition. Tuesday, July 19 – Thursday, July 21 (WatchESPN & YouTube)
  • Team Competition. Friday, July 22 – Sunday, July 24 (WatchESPN & YouTube)
  • Individual Competition. Friday, July 22 – Sunday, July 24 (Domestic – WatchESPN / International – YouTube)
    *Note: There is no mention of an event on Wednesday, July 20, for Teams and Individuals. We can almost guarantee they will have something, so keep your eye out.

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