Dumbbell Overhead Squats and Ring Muscle-ups for Event 5

Dave Castro reveals Event 5 for individuals.
Dave Castro reveals Event 5 for individuals.

Through Saturday, the individual athletes will have completed four events – none of them featuring a barbell. Event 5 kicks off Sunday continuing the “no barbell” theme.

In another 21-15-9 rep scheme, the athletes will face ring muscle-ups and overhead squats with 80-pound dumbbells for the men and 55-pound dumbbells for the women.

Event 5

Ring Muscle-Ups
Dumbbell Overhead Squats (80/55#)

Event 5

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Like the overhead walking lunge in Event 3, this is likely an overhead squat with one dumbbell as Dave Castro did not specify “2x” as he did with the KB deadlifts.

The 2017 Regionals are really looking like we will not see a barbell all weekend.

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