During the 2015 CrossFit Open, Brent Fikowski, Joe Scali and Mitch Barnard created a ‘friendly’ competition in which the loser of each Open workout had to post a humiliating video on social media. Barnard ended up with a ‘Loser’ tramp stamp (although it was only in marker), Scali was pelted by water balloons and danced to a Katy Perry song.

Of course, Scali would get the last laugh as he was the only one to advance to the CrossFit Games that year, although he injured his shoulder in Heavy DT and would have to withdraw from the competition.

This year #openhumilation is back, but with some new faces. Fikowski and Scali return with Travis Williams, Patrick Vellner and Sean Sweeney throwing their hats in the ring. Sweeney might have the biggest disadvantage, especially early in the Open, as he recovers from a severe ankle sprain suffered earlier this week.


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