FITAID Docuseries Featuring Sara Sigmundsdottir | Perseverance: Part 2

Sara Sigmundsdottir is back home in Iceland preparing for the 2018 Europe North Regional after finishing 20th worldwide in the 2018 CrossFit Games Open.

In Part 1 of FITAID’s docuseries featuring the three-times Games veteran, she took us through how a broken rib she sustained either before, during or after last year’s CrossFit Game has affected her training.

The injury forced her to focus on her mental game and her training sessions were mainly heavy cardio and endurance. She could not train normally until February, as opposed to beginning her Open and Regionals training in December or January. It’s been a challenge for the Icelandic queen, who wants to join her fellow countrywomen Annie Thorisdottir (2011 and 2012 Games champion) and Katrin Davidsdottir (2015 and 2016 Games champion) on top of the podium.

Part 2 takes us through how she’s narrowed her focus on mentally preparing for what CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro has in store. Last year’s fourth-place finish was her worst, and there were a few mental mistakes that cost her points she needed to finish on the podium.

In the Assault Banger workout she failed to bring her sledgehammer with her and had to run back and pick it up. She received a (questionable) no rep during a handstand walk in the Strongmans Fear workout, and touched the rope in the sand before crawling underneath a net in the Obstacle Course.

It’s those mistakes that will drive her to work on her mental game in competition. Stay tuned for Part 3 next Thursday!

Jim Isbell
Jim Isbell is a contributing writer at The Barbell Spin. He trains at Crossfit Fort Worth in the great state of Texas.

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