Mat Fraser and Sara Sigmnudsdottir took 1st place at the 2016 Dubai Fitness Championship and are returning home with $50,000 each. The competition started with an online qualifier and ended with 15 events spanning four days in Dubai. In total, 21 CrossFit Games veterans were in attendance competing for the big prize purse.

Fraser went back and forth with Jonne Koski throughout the competition, but after a strong 4th day Fraser pulled away for a comfortable victory. Koski struggled on the 4th day and fell to 6th overall. Ben Smith took 2nd place overall after a slow start to the competition on the 32kg open bike race. Alex Anderson finished 3rd.

Fraser received some criticism on social media after he bypassed the CrossFit Invitational, but competed in the online qualifier and ultimately at the Dubai Fitness Championship. While Fraser appeared to look strong throughout the weekend, it appears he might still be dealing with a lower body injury. On the final event featuring 198-pound front rack lunges, Fraser led with his right foot each time.

On the women’s side, Sigmundsdottir and Sam Briggs were at the top the entire way with Briggs taking advantage of the bike race and the running events. However, Sigmundsdottir prevailed in the barbell cycling events while Briggs struggled with heavy overhead squats. Briggs made a run at it on the last day with two event victories in the three-part final, but Sigmundsdottir held her off to win. Briggs took 2nd place overall followed by Annie Thorisdottir.

Brian Pyfferoen
Founder of The Barbell Spin.

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