How to Watch the 2017 CrossFit Regionals

Graham Holmberg at 2016 CrossFit Games Central Regional
©2016 CrossFit Inc. Used with permission from CrossFit Inc.

If you’re new to CrossFit or watching the CrossFit Games, you might be wondering how to watch the Regional competitions over the next three weeks. The answer to that is pretty simple…

You can watch the CrossFit Regionals two ways: [1] or [2] Both are live streamed and are free to everyone in the world.

The stream on the Games site has had tabs to switch back and forth between regions. It also has markers below the stream marking the beginning of heats or the finish of an event in case you missed something.

The YouTube stream is like any other live stream on YouTube. We recommend turning off the comments though. They can get pretty ugly.

We’ve actually had better luck streaming directly from YouTube in previous years. The Games site had some lag and bandwidth issues while YouTube did not (for us). Our recommendation, open up a couple tabs on your browser and stream both Regionals. Just mute and unmute as you go back and forth.

Or you can just watch the action in person as tickets are still available.

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