ICYMI: Jacob Heppner Is Now Following Brute Strength

Jacob Heppner during Murph at the 2015 CrossFit Games
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Earlier this month, Brooke Wells made a coaching change. Wells left Doug Chapman at HyperFit and joined Ben Bergeron. The switch was made public by Ben Bergeron via an Instagram post. Around the same time, Jacob Heppner also left HyperFit.

However, there was not a public announcement, but just a small tag on a couple workout posts by Heppner and Brute Strength.

Both Heppner and Wells improved upon their 2015 CrossFit Games performance this year, yet both have decided to move on. While we don’t know the ‘why’ to these transitions, it’s hard to overlook two top athletes leaving the same coach within a week of each other.

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