Improve Recovery and Increase Range of Motion with TheraGun

While at the 2017 CrossFit Games last weekend I had the opportunity to stop by the TheraGun booth in Vendor Village and meet Dr. Jason Wersland and see the TheraGun firsthand. Upon arriving at the booth, Dr. Jason and another staff member were bombarded by people wanting to try out the power tool that aids in recovery.

Person after person stood there while Dr. Jason used one (or two) TheraGuns on their back, neck and shoulders. Each and every time that person would nod in approval at how great they felt after just 60 seconds or less with it.

Naturally, I had to try it out myself. Once the crowd died down, Dr. Jason worked on my back. After standing and walking around the Alliant Energy Center all day, my lower back was bothering me a bit. But after a minute or two, my back felt amazing.

This short session led me to wanting to learn more about this “new” product (it’s been around for a while, but is just now reaching CrossFit athletes). Dr. Jason and I spent the next 15 minutes talking about his history and how the TheraGun came to be as well as the benefits that one can get by using this vibration tool daily.

Dr. Jason injured his back about nine years ago in a motorcycle accident. The accident left him with a herniated disc and in pain. In a search to avoid surgery, Dr. Jason’s brother, also a chiropractor, gave him a makeshift tool that vibrated to help with his recovery. That tool worked and sent Dr. Jason on a journey to make a better product for himself.

Fast forward nine years and six models later and Dr. Jason has been working with some of the top names in professional sports including UFC Fighter Chuck Liddell, NFL quarterback Nick Foles and NBA point guard Kyrie Irving. Just over the past few months has Dr. Jason moved into the functional fitness area.

TheraGun G2PRO
TheraGun G2PRO

The response so far has been great according to Dr. Jason. From serious athletes to the recreational CrossFitter, everyone has said how they could see its benefits – from removing lactic acid, reducing or eliminating soreness, improving mobility and range of motion or even as a quick way to warm up specific muscles.

Later this month, the newest model will be released, the TheraGun G2PRO. This latest version comes with four attachments, includes two rechargable lithium-ion battery packs that hold a 40-minute charge each and features a redesigned handle that makes it much easier to use the TheraGun on yourself.

At $599, the TheraGun is likely not for everyone. However, for those who do have chronic pain or are serious about competing in the sport of CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting, the TheraGun might be the answer.

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