Interview with Miranda Oldroyd – Pregnancy, Street Parking and Competition

Miranda Oldroyd at 25 weeks pregnant - via Instagram
Miranda Oldroyd at 25 weeks pregnant - via Instagram
Miranda Oldroyd competed as an individual at the CrossFit Games in 2008. In 2012 and and 2013, Oldroyd attempted to make it back to the Games as an individual, but fell just short both years finishing 7th in the Northern California Regional.
In 2014 just before the CrossFit Games, Oldroyd was in a very serious car accident.
Amazingly, Oldroyd fully recovered and competed on NorCal CrossFit’s team. NorCal CrossFit and Oldroyd made it to the CrossFit Games, but during a 1RM Clean & Jerk event Oldroyd tore her ACL. The injury effectively eliminated NorCal CrossFit’s chances of winning the Games – the team was in 1st place when the injury happened.
And fast forward to this year, Oldroyd is now dating CrossFit Games veteran Julian Alcaraz, is pregnant and has started up Street Parking, online programming for the garage gym athlete. We caught up with Miranda to see how her pregnancy is going, learn more about Street Parking and to find out if we will ever see her on the competition floor again.

The Barbell Spin: You and Julian started Street Parking late last year. How did you come up with the concept of programming specifically for the garage gym athlete?
Miranda Oldroyd: Julian and I had both been super busy last summer and fall.  We were traveling a lot, he was focusing a lot on his business etc.  What we started to notice was the massive amount of love we would get when we would post simple workouts from home or in a hotel gym etc.  As someone who has owned and affiliate, traveled around coaching trainers, and spent a good deal of time and energy competing – it really made me realize that programming for the gym or the competitor was being really well covered.  We wanted to create simple, effective, fun workouts for people like us….busy.
The Barbell Spin: For those who aren’t familiar with Street Parking, can you provide an overview of the program?
Miranda Oldroyd: Street Parking provides a workout of the day – 6 days per week.  Most of the workouts are “for time” or “amrap” style workouts – simply because on a tight schedule – that is where you will get the most bang for your buck – hands down.  They are for people who want to get as fit as possible in an hour or less per day – typically at home or with limited equipment.  We provide 3 versions of the workout based on what equipment you have.  Program A caters to people who may only have a set or 2 of dumbbells and a jump rope pretty much.  Program B is for people who maybe have a bar and some plates as well.  Program C is the version that is the person who has a completely decked out garage gym.
Unlike a lot of the programs out there – our athletes don’t just receive the workout.  We provide a demo video and tips/coaching every single day.  We also work with Wodify – so athletes have a way to track and compare their times with others in the community.  We do things like, Mobility Mondays or Technique Tuesdays with tips for that stuff too.
On Sundays we post 4 optional workouts that can be added in if the athlete desires or has time.  These are a weekly Oly workout, Power workout, Butts and Guts, and Endurance.

The Barbell Spin: Around the same time you found out you were pregnant. How is the pregnancy coming along?
Miranda Oldroyd: Oh man – yes.  We moved into our home together in the middle of November.  I started the Street Parking page to start promoting it about week later.  About 2 days after that – I found out I was pregnant.  It’s been A LOT to kind of wrap my head around all at once.  It has brought us so much closer through a lot of tough times and stressed out moments for sure.  But in general, the pregnancy is going well!

The Barbell Spin: You’ve obviously been working out throughout your pregnancy. You just entered your third trimester. How has your training changed over the course of the past six month?
Miranda Oldroyd: I have worked out as well as I can.  It has been a struggle for me to lower the intensity.  Going full “pain cave” as Julian would say – has been a form of meditation or release for me for years now – and not having that has honestly been really hard.  I have a tendency to be really stubborn about that stuff.  Julian has been great at  helping me to remember the reason for the slow down and encouraging me to move – even when I have been CRAZY tired or overwhelmed.
The Barbell Spin: On a recent Instagram post you were joking about Julian having to wear a weight vest and that you only had 3 months left to “lighten yours”. Do you feel that CrossFit has helped you throughout the pregnancy? If so, how?
Miranda Oldroyd: CrossFit has allowed me to continue to move and not feel completely lazy and helpless.  There have definitely been plenty of times where I didn’t even start the clock.  There have been several times where I definitely teared up during the workout from the hormones.  But all in all, I always feel better on the days that I choose to move.
The Barbell Spin: What advice would you give to soon-to-be moms who want to continue to do CrossFit during their pregnancy?
Miranda Oldroyd: Listens to YOUR doctors/midwives and YOUR body.  Ask friends who are close to you who have been in the situation if you have them…but be careful about googling too much or asking people who don’t understand what CrossFit is or what is normal for YOU!  And as hard as it is…know that it’s ok if you need to stop, scale, rest, or change things up.
The Barbell Spin: Do you think you’ll ever return to competitive CrossFit, either with a team or in the Masters division?
Miranda Oldroyd: I would return to compete if it allowed me to spend more time with Julian and my baby Knox and added to the value of the Street Parking Community as well as the other things we are working on.  Like maybe if we put together a team or if through the training I was doing in the time that I had – I found myself with a chance to make it as a master – it’s not out of the question.
The main focus now is my family and giving back to as many people as possible.

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