Is Your Team More Fit Than Teen Redline Dream Team?

Teen Redline Dream Team during CrossFit Team Series
via Instagram (@alexis_raptis)

The favorite Teen division team entering the CrossFit Team Series is Teen Redline Dream Team. The Dream Team features the fittest 16-17 Teens from the 2016 CrossFit Games (Nicholas Paladino and Allison Weiss) and the 2nd fittest 16-17 female (Alexis Raptis) and 3rd fittest 16-17 male (Angelo Dicicco). Raptis replaces Ashleigh Wosny from last year’s winning team that won every event in the teen competition.

Check out their workouts below! The biggest question is…are these teenagers fitter than your team?

Event 1

Event 2

Event 3

Event 4

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