Ever since James Hobart was posting photos on social media from Boston in after the start of the new year it was speculated that Rich Froning’s Mayhem Freedom team would have a roster change. The CrossFit Games team rules require the six team members to train at the same facility throughout the official Games season beginning January 1.

Hobart, however, has been in Boston training with Austin Malleolo at CrossFit Reebok One. Finally, yesterday, Hobart officially announced on Instagram that he would not be competing on Team Mayhem Freedom this year.

Looking back on one of my fondest memories of the CrossFit Games: not because of the accomplishment itself but for the team I could share it with–the gift is made precious by the giver. This year I will not be competing with CrossFit Mayhem. They are an immense group whose secret to success is made from care and selflessness, not fitness. My time there was inimitable. And it’s already been a very different year without them, yet I am excited to take a step back this season and watch them from this side. I expect they will be unstoppable once again. — Photo: @the_samuelsmith

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After back-to-back CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup titles under their belt, CrossFit Mayhem will have yet again another roster change. Last year, Lindy Barber stepped in for Masters’ athlete Lauren Neal. This year, it looks like either Darren Hunsucker or Dre Strohm will be filling in for Hobart. In 2016, Dre Strohm finished 3rd in the Open in the Central East and went on to place 10th in the Central Regional.


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