Jacob Heppner Does All of the Regional Event in 10 Hours

Jacob Heppner testing the 2017 CrossFit Regional events
via Instagram (@jheppner66)

Jacob Heppner withdrew from the 2017 CrossFit Open with a knee injury. But it appears that his knee is feeling better which means we can expect to start seeing some crazy workouts once again.

And by crazy, I mean doing all six individual Regional events in one day over the course of just 10 hours! Yes, all six events. While it’s just an amazing feat to do something like this, it actually gives us some insight as to what we can expect to see on the competition floor.

*All workouts done within a day (10hr window). . . **Done with all the DB, KB, Pylon, Sandbag moving rules. . . Explanation: I was pretty upset when I couldn’t compete this year and I got even more upset when the regional workouts came out. . Instead of dwelling on it until the end of the regular season I decided to flush it all out of my system in a day and move onto my 2018 goals. The best way I know how to do that is hit every single one of them, wash my hands of competing for this season, and focus on 2018. . . Until then – I’ve got one week to help Mr. @zcarchedi game plan for Nashville. . — Don’t let all those greedy Central East Boys take all 5 spots — . #crossfitgames #crossfit #BarnGym #roadtoregionals #Not 😂😂😂 #CentralRegional

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When the events were released it can be difficult to really gauge the capacity of best CrossFitters in the world. So to get a picture of what someone can do, especially when these workouts are in Heppner’s wheelhouse, is awesome.

So let’s see what Heppner did…

Event 1
Time Cap: 25:00
Heppner: 15:20 (7:24 1 mile run, not 1,200m Air Runner & 7:56 for the 12 rounds)

Event 2
Time Cap: 6:00
Heppner: 2:48

Event 3
Time Cap: 16:00
Heppner: 11:50

Event 4
Time Cap: 11:00
Heppner: 6:18

Event 5
Time Cap: 11:00
Heppner: 6:17

Event 6
Time Cap: 6:00
Heppner: 3:23

All of Heppner’s times were well within the time caps which means if someone is time capped on the Regional floor, they are probably not going to the Games. And with Heppner doing these without two night’s worth of rest, we could see times even faster than this.

It will be interesting to see how Heppner’s times hold up beginning tomorrow when the East and South Regionals kick off. Check out our team and individual South Regional predictions. The East predictions will be coming later tonight…

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