Jacob Heppner has withdrawn from the 2017 CrossFit Games season due to bursitis in his knee. His announcement made via Instagram stated, “After finishing Murph in the 2015 CrossFit Games I thought nothing could ever be worse than that. Today I had to make the final decision to withdrawal [sic] from the Open this year due to bursitis in my knee. Today was definitely worse.”

It is unclear how long Heppner has been dealing with bursitis in his knee but it’s likely he has been training to train through/around it as his Instagram feed has been full of workout posts over the past month.

Heppner has competed at the CrossFit Games the past three years and has battled Scott Panchik at the Central Regional the past two. Heppner’s best finish at the Games was last year when he finished 7th.

Heppner is also known for his insane metcons. Just last month he posted this mash-up of three workouts.

For time*:
10x Pegboards (6ft to 14ft – 8ft board)
*8-min time cap

We look forward to seeing Heppner back on the competition floor in 2018.


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