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Jamie Hagiya made it to the CrossFit Games in 2016 for the first time and finished 20th at the CrossFit Games. Hagiya’s journey to the Games has been difficult as she had to recover from a torn achilles suffered in 2014 while competing on the NPGL’s LA Reign.

Hagiya made it back to Regionals in 2015, but finished in 20th at the California “Super” Regional. After another year of training, Hagiya climbed her way up the leaderboard and edged out Brooke Ence for the final qualifying spot.

A few days ago, Hagiya announced on Instagram that she will be making another run at the CrossFit Games in 2017. In her post she mentions that she was contemplating taking a year off for “multiple reasons”, but does not go into detail. Either way, it will be great to see Hagiya back on the competition floor next year.

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