Julien Pineau Shares His Opinion of Regional Programming and Pec Injuries

There has been a ton of discussion over the past several weeks about Dave Castro’s Regional programming. That talk has gotten even louder after we have seen 28+ pec injuries (and counting).

Julien Pineau has come out and shared his thoughts on the programming as well as his opinion on why we are seeing so many pec tears/injuries.

Pineau actually likes the regional events and thinks it will change how CrossFit workouts are though about and programmed in the future. Pineau pins the blame on the athletes. It’s not PEDs, it’s not range of motion. Pineau says that there is no “pec work in CrossFit any more.”

He continues by saying this year’s standard of having to full extend and not flex the t-spine requires that the athletes use their pectoral muscles to lock out at the top. And the speed at which the muscle was required to go from relaxed to contracted was just too much.



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