Lauren Fisher Graduating from San Diego State University

Lauren Fisher at 2016 CrossFit Regional - California
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Lauren Fisher will officially graduate from San Diego State University (SDSU) this week. The three-time CrossFit Games veteran (twice as an individual and once on CrossFit Invictus’ team) will graduate with a business degree on Saturday, May 13.

Now that classes are over Fisher will be able to focus on the upcoming California Regional on Memorial Day weekend. Fisher finished 1st in the CrossFit Open in the Southern California Region and will be taking on other big names including Chyna Cho, Alessandra Pichelli, Jamie Hagiya, Becca Voigt and a slew of others looking to qualify for the CrossFit Games.

On top of that, Fisher is building her new brand, Grown Strong. The female-branded clothing line is mission is to “to challenge young athletes to tap into their individual strength and to see that strong is beautiful.”

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