Margaux Alvarez and The Vine Yard Are Now Available for Pre-Order

Margaux Alvarez Launches The Vine Yard
Margaux Alvarez Launches The Vine Yard. 321gaux/Instagram

Margaux Alvarez launched her website for The Vine Yard and is now accepting pre-orders for wine. After winding her way through governmental hurdles, Alvarez’s Utah-based winery is able to sell and ship wine to 10 states in the United States – Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Florida, California, Montana and Idaho (and also D.C.)

All pre-orders will be shipped out on August 7, the day after the CrossFit Games.

The Vine Yard has four wines available for purchase. There are three red wine blends and a zinfandel. It appears the signature wine is G.O.A.T., a blend of Petite Verdot, Petite Syrah,Tanat, Syrah, Garnacha and Viognier.

Right now, pre-orders are 20% so go and support CrossFit Games veteran Margaux Alvarez!

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