Masters/Teens’ Events for Wednesday Announced

Allison Weiss during Adios Amigos at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games
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The individuals and teams were the only athletes to get hints about their upcoming test at the 2018 CrossFit Games…until now. The Teens and Masters athletes will also begin on Wednesday, just like the individuals and teams.

And with that, we now have two events on the first day of the CrossFit Games for these divisions. There is still a TBA on the Games page indicating they may have an unannounced first event (stay tuned). The first announced event on Wednesday is a handstand walk/wall ball couplet sprint chipper. The second is a couplet of double-unders and Olympic lifts.

Here are the event details:

14-15 / 16-17 / 35-49 Divisions
40-ft. handstand-obstacle course
20 wall-ball shots
40-ft. handstand-obstacle course

50+ Divisions
40-ft. handstand walk
20 wall-ball shots
40-ft. handstand walk

16-17 / 35-49 Divisions
4 rounds:
50 double-unders
5-4-3-2 squat snatches

14-15 / 50+ Divisions
4 rounds:
50 double-unders
5-4-3-2 squat cleans

M 14-15: 185-205-225-245 lb.
M 50-54: 205-225-245-265 lb.
M 55-59: 185-205-225-245 lb.
M 60+: 155-165-185-205 lb.
F 14-15: 135-145-155-165 lb.
F 50-54: 135-145-155-165 lb.
F 55-59: 115-125-135-145 lb.
F 60+: 95-105-115-125 lb.

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