Mat Fraser and Rich Froning Versus The World

Now that Mat Fraser has settled in his new home in Cookeville, Tennessee, the two-time defending CrossFit Games champion appears to be spending quite a bit of time with Rich Froning and his crew. From flipping a tire in the barn to playing buckets, Fraser and Froning have been seen together a lot on social media.

And it appears we might be seeing more of them based on Fraser’s most recent post on Instagram. With both standing next to a whiteboard, Froning writes…


Fraser captions the post with, “Challenges with prizes coming soon. You’ll have 48hrs to grab a partner and get it done.” This sounds very similar to the challenges Dave Castro has done in the past where he awards someone or several people who can accomplish a challenge first or under a given time domain.

There are not any other details on this yet, so stay tuned and find a partner to take on the champs.

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