A photo of Mat Fraser on Rogue Fitness’ Instagram page sparked some controversy yesterday as many indicated that his weighted lunges did not meet the movement standards. In the photo, Fraser is shown the the dumbbell handles resting on his shoulders and his hands not firmly holding the weights.

The movement standards state, “The dumbbells must remain at the shoulders, and the hands must remain around the dumbbell handle for the duration of the rep. Releasing the grip on the handle and letting the dumbbell rest solely on the shoulder is not allowed.”

Shortly after the photo was posted and controversy ensued, Fraser took to his own Instagram account to address the situation. Fraser said, “Before this all gets wild I wanted to address it. I did 17.2 today within what I thought was the correct standard on the lunges. I am sorry I was incorrect and will be redoing it.”

Fraser’s post has received nearly 20,000 likes and 300 comments supporting the athlete confronting the issue head on.

Fraser was 20th worldwide and 3rd in the North East region after 17.1.

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