Men’s and Women’s Cyclocross Time Trial Results

Jamie Greene and Bethany Branham during Cyclocross Time Trial. @thedavecastro/Instagram
Jamie Greene and Bethany Branham during Cyclocross Time Trial. @thedavecastro/Instagram

The 2017 CrossFit Games unofficially kicked off this morning as the individual athletes headed to Quann Park for the Cyclocross Time Trial. The one lap time trial will determine the heat and starting position for the Cyclocross event on Thursday.

In small heats of five, the athletes did their best to navigate the grass, sand, hurdles and other elements in an effort to get the best starting position tomorrow.

Based on comments from the athletes on social media they are enjoying the new type of event although some big names did not fare so well on their time trial. Athletes like Brooke Wells (34th), Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (30th), Scott Panchik (39th) and Ben Smith (33rd) will need a much better performance on Thursday to avoid a disastrous start.

On the other hand, Kristen Holte and Sam Briggs topped the women’s times while Ricky Garard and Mat Fraser had the best men’s times. Here are the final results of the Cyclocross Time Trial:

Men Women
1st Ricky Garard (6:00.26) Kristin Holte (6:45.41)
2nd Mat Fraser (6:14.27) Sam Briggs (6:48.99)
3rd Jason Smith (6:14.64) Tennil Reed (6:52.91)
4th Cody Mooney (6:15.07) Anna Tobias (6:53.66)
5th Streat Hoerner (6:19.39) Katrin Davidsdottir (6:54.96)
6th Jason Carroll (6:19.71) Mekenzie Riley (7:02.38)
7th Frederick Aegidius (6:22.01) Emily Abbott (7:05.00)
8th Bjorgvin Gudmundsson (6:23.10) Tia-Clair Toomey (7:05.44)
9th Travis Mayer (6:25.87) Jamie Greene (7:08.29)
10th Rob Forte (6:25.59) Bethany Branham (7:09.78)
11th Jonne Koski (6:26.57) Sara Sigmundsdottir (7:13.25)
12th Brent Fikowski (6:27.41) Kari Pearce (7:17.24)
13th Lukas Esslinger (6:28.40) Stacie Tovar (7:18.16)
14th Patrick Vellner (6:32.82) Annie Thorisdorttir (7:19.15)
15th Alex Anderson (6:33.18) Emily Bridgers (7:20.38)
16th Cole Sager (6:33.99) Carly Fuhrer (7:20.38)
17th Noah Ohlsen (6:35.72) Alessandra Pichelli (7:21.60)
18th Paul Castillo (6:37.81) Kara Webb (7:22.88)
19th Tommy Vinas (6:39.85) Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault (7:23.31)
20th Tim Paulson (6:40.01) Chyna Cho (7:25.09)
21st Samuel Kwant (6:42.27) Val Voboril (7:25.09)
22nd Elijah Muhammad (6:43.69) Kristi Eramo (7:28.52)
23rd George Sanchez (6:44.97) Cassidy Lance-McWherter (7:29.40)
24th James Newbury (6:46.01) Whitney Gelin (7:30.01)
25th Logan Collins (6:50.04) Thuridur Helgadottir (7:31.49)
26th Jeff Patzer (6:50.22) Lauren Fisher (7:34.17)
27th Michael Palomba (6:54.39) Jessica Griffith (7:34.31)
28th Zeke Grove (6:55.79) Carleen Mathews (7:36.71)
29th Josh Bridges (6:57.05) Maddie Sturt (7:38.55)
30th Cody Anderson (7:01.47) Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (7:43.14)
31st Holden Rethwill (7:01.77) Dani Horan (7:49.34)
32nd Dakota Rager (7:02.15) Alexis Johnson (7:51.60)
33rd Ben Smith (7:03.49 Casey Campbell (7:55.84)
34th Zak Carchedi (7:06.72) Brooke Wells (8:00.25)
35th Mitchell Sinnamon (7:11.26) Kristen Pedri (8:03.44)
36th Garret Fisher (7:11.28) Margaux Alvarez (8:06.50)
37th Alec Smith (7:12.09) Alethea Boon (8:09.43)
38th Travis Williams (7:14.01) Regan Huckaby (8:11.63)
39th Scott Panchik (7:30.47) Chelsey Hughes (8:37.47)
40th Jessica Coughlan (8:52.25)


The Cyclocross event begins at 10:00am and runs through 1:25pm on Thursday. The weather is going to be rainy throughout the day with more rain, possibly thunderstorms, likely as the day continues. If the course gets muddy this could get really interesting!

GOOD!!! Getting all the falling on my face out of the way and ready to rock now πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ˜πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’•

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Just finished the time trial! Feeling official! Tomorrow should be awesome. #Repost @crossfitphotojournal ・・・ Wednesday, 12:00 PM. @emilybridgers, leaping the hurdles on the cyclocross course as a spectator causally films on his phone. This time trial is only one lap of the course. Tomorrow, these athletes will do three. “It was really fun,” Emily tells me. “You don’t usually catch yourself thinking that during Games events.” No kidding. Her only complaint was that her feet occasionally slipped off the pedals, causing her to bang her shins on them. This is Emily’s 4th consecutive appearance at the CrossFit Games. Her performance today puts her in 9th position out of the 20 athletes she will race on the course tomorrow. #crossfitphotojournal #CrossFit #CrossFitGames

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