Mikko Salo was definitely one of the fan favorites in the new Masters 35-39 division. The 2009 CrossFit Games champion has dealt with a multitude of injuries ever since then.

With the new Masters division being added, Salo came out on 17.1 with an outstanding performance finishing 9th worldwide in his age group. However, Salo has been radio silent this week and his 17.2 score is missing on the leaderboard.

Score submissions were due on Monday with validations due last night at 5pm PT. Unless something happened similar to what happened with Chyna Cho, Salo is likely out of the Open. So unless something happens in the next day or two, fans hoping to see Salo back on the competition floor will have to wait at least another year.

Mikko Salo's score for 17.2 is missing.
Mikko Salo’s score for 17.2 is missing.


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