Minimum Work Requirement on Sprint O-Course to Make CrossFit Games Podium

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It looks like Dave Castro and CrossFit have listened to some of the complaints from the past two years when it comes to athletes not being able to complete a portion of an event – namely the pegboard.

During the individual athlete orientation this morning, Adrian Bozman made two announcements related to minimum work requirements on the Run-Swim-Run and Sprint O-Course events.

For the Run-Swim-Run event, an athlete not completing the course in the 60 minute time cap will be eliminated from the competition.

On the Sprint O-Course, there is not technically a minimum work requirement from the standpoint that an athlete will be removed from the competition. However, if an athlete does not make it past the rope climb over the 15-foot wall in the middle of the course that athlete CANNOT make it on the podium.

While an athlete not making it past this obstacle in the 2-minute time cap for men and 3-minute time cap for women is very unlikely, it does point to CrossFit taking a hard look at what a podium athlete should be able to do.

Wonder if we will see any more requirements like this the rest of the competition?

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