Nick Paladino has won the CrossFit Games Teenage Boys 16-17 division the past two years. He was also invited to participate in the 16.3 CrossFit Open announcement.

In 2017, Paladino will be competing in the Open division against the likes of Mat Fraser and Spencer HendelĀ as he competes in the North East region out of CrossFit Steam in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It will be the first test to see how the teenagers fare after aging out of the teenage division.

On Instagram, Paladino showed he can pull a lot of weight off the floor. Paladino worked on some heavy deadlifts with Angelo DiCicco who took 3rd place in the CrossFit Games Teenage Boy 16-17 division last year. In the video, Paladino deadlifts 585-pounds!

As a reference, only Sam Dancer (615-pounds) and Alex Vigneault (585-pounds) deadlifted that much at the Ranch during the CrossFit Games this past year…

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