Offseason Competitions Kick Off With Granite Games

2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games Logo
2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games Logo

The CrossFit Games are behind us and there are six months until the 2018 CrossFit Open is back around. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. Now it’s time to take a look at the off-season competitions.

The first major off-season fitness competition is just 31 days away. The 2017 Granite Games begin Friday, September 8 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Last year CrossFit Games veterans Patrick Vellner and Dani Horan won the AsRx division so you know some big names will be on the competition floor.

The competition features an individual competition, teens, masters, community teams and a Teams of 3 competition. This year the Pro Individuals on the podium will receive $8,000 for 1st, $6,000 for 2nd and $4,000 for 3rd. First place in the Masters divisions will receive $1,000.

For the Pro Team of 3, 1st place will split $12,000, 2nd place will take $6,000 and 3rd gets $3,000.

The Community Team that finishes 1st gets $20,000! Second place gets $12,000 while 3rd place will walk away with $8,000.

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