Petition for Teens to Have Regional Event

Nick Paladino at the 2016 CrossFit Games
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Two weeks ago, a petition was created asking CrossFit to cancel the Glock prizes for the 2016 CrossFit Games winners. The petition has received 22,284 supporters to date, but is 2,716 short of its stated goal of 25,000. While this petition has received significant attention, there is another petition on that is interesting.

Two months ago, CrossFit First Creek in Fountain City, Tennessee, started a petition “to allow teenage athletes to compete on the regional level at the CrossFit Games.” The petition argues that the teen athletes work just as hard as the Masters and Adult athletes that they deserve the change to advance accordingly and because “they Are the Future of CrossFit.”

The petition, however, has received very little support so far only garnering 58 supporters to date.

What are your thoughts? Do the teenage divisions deserve to have “equal opportunity” to compete in a regional event?

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