And with the release of the six team events today, we know have a full picture of what all of the athletes will be doing on the competition floor. The team format has changed and is now down to four teammates, but the Worm will still make three appearances, just like last year.

Maybe the biggest change between last year and 2018 is the time domains of the team events are much shorter. Four of the events are capped at 17 minutes whereas last year two events were 25 minutes.

The shorter events should help the competition flow and add some excitement for the fans.

As of the events, the handstand obstacle walk makes an appearance in Event 1 and could be an early indicator of which teams will be competing for a qualifying spot on Sunday. Event 3 pairs the Assault Bike and partner deadlifts. The second pair (Male/Female) will have to do 90/60 calories on the Bike before moving to 45 straight deadlifts at 440 pounds.

An interesting twist is Event 2. It is a repeat of last year’s Regional Event 4 with Worm thrusters and Worm burpees…except this year there are only four teammates.

The final event will be a fast one with a race of Worm lunges down the competition field. How fast can the four team members knock out 144 handstand push-ups?

2018 CrossFit Regional events (team competition)
2018 CrossFit Regional events (team competition)

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