Do you remember Julia Glotz? If not, she broke her arm during the last rep of a 6RM Bear Complex as part of the Wodapalooza Online Qualifier. That was back in early October.

Now, less than five months later, Glotz is back in the gym and just completed 17.1 as prescribed!

🙂 feeling way more “rich” in happiness. Did 17.1 as prescribed which was terrifying to rely on that arm. But we got it done and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you to my favorite person @muttcrawford , my bff @jennbenn44 and my training partners @cleggcurl @msolleiro I love this place @maverickcrossfit and all it’s people! #comebackkid #chalkblockers #fiasfreshmeals #standardsprovenonmypants #bemaverick #maverickcrossfit #fueledbyfias

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